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Man! I Feel Like A Woman!

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Found this.

Danny tries to be careful about bringing people home, because, well, she lives with three guys and it’s frankly just awkward having to explain that, no, really, they’re just friends. She doesn’t mind the ribbing she gets, so much – it’d be pretty hypocritical of her if she did – but she doesn’t like the worried looks Tom sometimes gives her, or the way he’ll casually ask if she needs to get her birth control prescription filled if there was a guy he doesn’t know at the breakfast table. She’s careful, really careful, and she can look after herself.

And so what if she pretends the worried looks are the same when she sees Tom and Dougie exchanging glances the third time in a row a guy with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes gives her a messy kiss goodbye after breakfast? It’s not like it means anything, anyway.

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